Good Morning Chaney

Each morning during first period Chaney students are greeted with a short video from a Chaney alumni or a local celebrity. Please find some samples of these videos below!

Michael Moses
Restaurant owner Michael Moses “99” reminds our students that they can accomplish anything if they have goals and act upon them.

Noel Mehlo
1991 Chaney graduate, Noel Mehlo is a published author and a nationally recognized historian for D-Day!  A graduate of Marquette and Ohio State he served in the Navy and now works as a Highway Planner for the Federal Highway Administration.  In his message he reminds students to set their goals high and respect each other.

Ketuan Baldwin
Ketuan Baldwin “01” holds an MBA and a degree in Computer Information Systems from YSU. He currently serves as an Application Development Manager at Microsoft Corporation. In his morning message he challenges students to remember the letter “F” not for grades but for Family, Friends, Focus and Fun - great advice.